Geraldine teaches with warmth and compassion. Her instructions are clear and come from the heart. She cares so much for her students and her classes are so nurturing. She’s very good at tuning into each student’s unique body and gives a lot of personal attention. I really enjoyed working with her.
Jennie Wadsten, manager, Brahmani in Goa

I hadn’t been to yoga for a few years when I started at Geraldine’s class and now I make sure I go as often as possible – Geraldine is a caring, thoughtful teacher whose classes are rejuvenating and relaxing and she has inspired me to practise by myself and now I am planning to go to India to study further. I thoroughly look forward to Geraldine’s classes and would highly recommend her.
Liz Coomb

I used to only practice yoga at home but since coming to classes, Geraldine has really helped correct all of my bad habits that I picked up and I continue to learn and improve in her classes. She has made yoga so much more enjoyable and it has now become a permanent fixture in my weekly exercise routine.
Victoria Breden, executive assistant at the Guardian