about yoga

Questions about yoga

“I’m not very flexible. Can I still do yoga?”

This is like saying I can’t swim – can I still go to swimming lessons?! Yoga does not require flexibility but it can certainly make you more flexible with time and practice. In fact, yoga helps you develop strength and balance as well as flexibility.

“Is yoga religious?”

Practising yoga does not conflict with any religious belief you may have. Yoga philosophy is rich and fascinating, and contains principles that can be found in many religions such as compassion, truthfulness and peacefulness. Yoga teachers should not make you feel that you have to behave in a certain way in your day-to-day life in order to enjoy and understand their yoga class. There are even some yoga teachers who are not completely vegetarian and who enjoy a drink just like other people! However, many people find that when they start practising yoga it leads to other lifestyle changes. Yoga can start and finish as a purely physical practice – yoga can bring about a high level of fitness – or it can evolve into a more spiritual practice. And if you already have an existing faith it can deepen your experience of it.

“I’m not very fit. Can I still come to your class?”

Yoga poses can be modified and adapted so that everybody can enjoy their benefits in some shape or form. There is always something you can do. One of the wonderful things about practising yoga is that you can surprise yourself.